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Corporate Security Services (U) ltd.


Corporate Security Services (U) Ltd provides physical security services in combination with technology based on specific client requirements. In order to understand your security requirement and be able to provide the best cost effective solutions, our professional security will conduct a security survey at your site and provide a security report at no extra cost.
Guarding services include;

  • Special guard force and Random motorcycle supervision
  • Security management and consultancy
  • Commercial, industrial and personal protection
  • Motor vehicle anchoring
  • Armed and unarmed guarding services

Corporate Security Services (U) ltd.

Dog Section

Corporate Security Services (U) Ltd provides trained security dogs and dog handlers for protection of people and property. Our dogs are often deployed at Events such as concerts, festivals, fairs, exhibitions, parades among, sports tournaments, others for crowd control, guarding and detection.

Our Security Dogs are also used as sniffer dogs to detect explosives, and other threatening materials.

Corporate Security Services (U) ltd.

CCTV Camera Installations

Based on the needs of our clients, we offer the latest technology and supporting tools which include digital cameras, guarding monitoring systems, fixed and remote alarm response, sensor lights in combination with Control Room services

Our team is well trained to install and maintain electronic security equipment, CCTV, access control and all are monitored at the 24-hour Control Room.

Our approach embraces people, intelligence and technology to achieve the value and peace of mind thus effectively offering a package of tailor made security solutions. 

Corporate Security Services (U) ltd.

Intruder Alarm Detection Systems

We provide both Panic and Intruder Alarm systems installations. The Panic alarm systems are manually operated by the user in times of need/emergencies.

The user presses a fixed panic button or remote panic button to trigger the alarm. While for the intruder alarm systems, it`s designed to automatically trigger an alarm whenever motion, vibration, or smoke is detected by the respective sensors installed.

The user in this case is assigned a secret pin/password to SetOn/Arm or SetOff/Disarm the alarm system when accessing the premises.

These alarm systems are equipped with a Transmitter that sends SMS notifications to the users and our 24/7 monitoring center. Our Quick Response Force cars are stationed at the most accessible locations to the clients around the country incase of any alarm activations from these monitored sites.

Corporate Security Services (U) ltd.

Electric Fence

Electric Fencing acts a barrier that uses electric shock to deter animals or persons from crossing the fence boundary. The fencing can be deployed for domestic, commercial and agricultural fencing.

When compared to an intrusion deterrent like barbed wire, electric fences are a safer way to secure your property. Barbed wired can cause potentially fatal injuries, while an electric perimeter security fence delivers a non-lethal shock that can have its voltage adjusted up or down.

Corporate Security Services (U) ltd.

Access Control Systems

The easiest way to secure your premises with a 100% customized check-in and check-out flow. Protect your people and intellectual property with extra layers of security.

Our Access control systems (electronic systems) are designed to control through a network and they should have an access to a network.

The areas or organizations which require high security use different types of access control systems like bio metric, RFID, door controllers and card readers

Corporate Security Services (U) ltd.

Customer Base

Corporate Security has a wide range of clients they offer security services to, these include to mention but a few;

NGOs, Hospitals, Schools, Malls, Residential Homes, Petrol Stations, Churches Universities, Private Business entities, Arcades etc